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MORE ABOUT ME - Andrea Tichá, jeweler

I was creative as a child and my interest in making jewelry was awakened when I saw a jewelry catalog at the age of eight. I was wondering how they are made... And when it came time to decide on my future profession, I already knew: I would be a jeweler!


I applied to the Secondary Vocational School of Art Production in Prague to study goldsmith - jeweler. I passed the talent tests and was accepted. This is where my jewelry-making skill development starts.


Zakázková výroba šperky
City College of San Francisco

I started my career after finishing my matriculation exam at the age of 19. I worked for various goldsmiths and at the age of 23 I got a chance to taste life in the United States, more precisely in San Francisco, California. The originally considered one-year stay was stretched to 20 years. ​


Here I took a two-year course at the City College of San Francisco - metalwork and jewelry design. During the course, I got acquainted with other jewelry-making techniques and got a different insight into working with metals. Then I embarked on a career in jewelry making as a freelancer

I've been back in Prague for several years now, because I missed my home and family. Here I continue my creation.


My biggest inspirations for my designs are Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. I mainly work with precious metals such as gold and silver, but at the same time with common metals such as copper, brass and also precious stones when creating custom jewelry.


Why choose me?

I have over 20 years of experience. I offer elegant jewelry ranging from modern to classic style, which you can see in my jewelry gallery. I always try to make my work reflect people's unique personality and their desire to express themselves. If you like my style, contact me and we can work together to create a custom piece of jewelry that will satisfy you completely. 

Stříbrný prsten Art Deco
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