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Are you getting ready for an engagement, a wedding or would you like to give someone a ring as a pleasant surprise? Or do you have your dream wedding ring in mind, but can't find it anywhere? Nothing is impossible!


I am happy to create these unique rings that tell unforgettable stories. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted with love and precision to suit each customer's unique taste and personality. When working with my customers, I always try to understand their visions and ideas, which I then process into a tailor-made piece of jewelry. ​ Beautiful jewelry deserves beautiful packaging, which is why every piece of jewelry from me is delivered in a gift box.

Stříbrný prsten Art Deco


Are you interested in how such jewelry production takes place? Let's arrange a meeting or an online meeting together and I will guide you through the entire process from the design to the final custom-made piece of jewelry, and I will answer all your possible questions.



I am happy to be a part of the incredible stories that are connected to the production of custom jewelry. In my jewelry workshop, I set out to create a unique engagement ring with a very personal story. One day I was approached by an enthusiastic customer who wanted to create an engagement ring inspired by a plastic ring he had made from a bottle cap. This simple yet poignant piece became the first gift he gave it to his girlfriend when they started dating.

Together with my customer, we researched every detail of the original plastic ring to preserve its authenticity and meaning. I really enjoyed the production itself, I discovered the uniqueness of love and the story of this couple. ​


The result was stunning. The new engagement ring not only inherited the visual elements of the original ring, but also carried the emotional depth and meaning of their entire love. It was an honor for me to be a part of this extraordinary story and to help my customer turn the memory of the first gift into a permanent symbol of their journey together

Zásnubní prsten podle víčka od láhve

There is nothing more beautiful than a satisfied customer and in this case of course a happy BRIDE :-)

Zásnubní prsten podle víčka od láhve
Zásnubní prsten podle víčka od láhve
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