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I believe that every piece of jewelry should tell its own story. That's why during production, I try to think through every detail so that the resulting jewelry reflects the customer's unique personality. ​


Contact me with any idea or concept, be it a wedding or engagement ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet or earrings. It doesn't matter if it's a baby jewelry, an anniversary gift, or a piece of jewelry for personal enjoyment,


Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles are the biggest inspirations for my designs but I also like to create elegant and delicate modern jewelry.

Stříbrný prsten (Silver ring) PEARL s perlou a kuličkou
Stříbrné náušnice (Silver earrings) SEA HORSE

Every piece of jewelry can tell an unforgettable story. Which will be yours? Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted with love and precision to suit each customer's unique taste and personality.


When working with my customers, I always try to understand their visions and ideas, which I then process into a tailor-made piece of jewelry. ​


Beautiful jewelry deserves beautiful packaging, which is why every piece of jewelry from me is delivered in a gift box.

In addition to jewelry made to order, you can buy from me even jewelry that is in stock and for which it is not necessary to wait for its production. These are mainly pendants, earrings, bracelets and some models of rings.

You can order jewelry from the catalog as you see it, but it can be modified according to your wishes.

Catalog jewelry can be found here:

Stříbrný náhrdelník (Silver necklace) TULIP

Stop dreaming and start wearing your story! Custom jewelry is the right way to express yourself

in an original way.


Working with metal does not have to mean only the production of traditional jewelry. Sometimes I get an interesting commission where I can work with metals in other contexts and use them to make original, aesthetically impressive pieces that bring a touch of uniqueness to everyday things.


I work with each piece of metal like a blank canvas. It's a bit arrogant to say that I do blacksmithing, but in a small way :-) ​


As you can see in the gallery, almost anything can be made from metal, there are no limits to imagination.

Krabička sirek z mosazi a mědi
Mosazný ornament
Okrasná deska z mosazi a mědi s granáty


Are you interested in how such jewelry production takes place? Let's arrange a meeting or an online meeting together and I will guide you through the entire process from the design to the final custom-made piece of jewelry, and I will answer all your possible questions.

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